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Zero knowledge secrets manager. Your keys, your data.

What is Rehide?

Rehide is the ultimate solution for safeguarding your secrets. It's a zero-knowledge, non-custodial password manager that allows you to encrypt your confidential information using your web3 wallet and securely store it as NFTs in your vault. Your secrets and passwords are never retained by Rehide; the only key to decrypting them is your original password or your web3 wallet's signature. Embrace this decentralized alternative to traditional password managers and regain full control and ownership over your sensitive data.

How does Rehide's encryption work?

Every note is protected by three layers of encryption, including two rounds with the AES 256-bit algorithm and the PBKDF2 function.
The first round encodes and encrypts the actual secret in isolation. The encryption key for this round is derived from the user's wallet signature (or entered password) using the key derivation function Argon2id, the winner of the 2015 Password Hashing Competition.
After encrypting the actual secret, a JSON object is created which contains the encrypted secret along with essential metadata such as the type of password that it was used and the cryptographic hash of the secret, which is used to verify the secret's integrity upon decryption.
The last round combines encryption with steganography to encrypt and hide the JSON object inside the carrier and create a package, which is the text that will be used to recover your secret.
In plain English, your secrets are secured with military-grade encryption.
Currently, the U.S. government has named the AES-256 algorithm the standard for encryption and most cybersecurity organizations today use this form of military-grade encryption.
We've put together some helpful guides for you to better understand how to use our product quickly and easily.

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